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If you know that you are the subject to a ciminal investigation, or get wind that you are about to be arrested, then it may be in your best interset to surrender than to be arrested at an inconvenient/embarrassing time and location. Moreover, the sooner I am retained, the more options I may have in circumventing the charges and in preparing for your legal defense to protect your civil rights.

I can a arrange a time for your surrender. I can  accompany you to the police station when you physically surrender. I can be present if you are interrogated. Moreover, after you are arrested, booked and brought before the Judge at your arraignment I will argue against bail and your voluntary surrender may pay dividends when I am arguing for a disposition for you to be released on your own recognizance  ROR'd or for a reduced amount of bail to be set for your release.  


TIP: Often a police officer or a detective may call you and offer you a chance to surrender voluntarily. This is preferable to getting arrested. However, you should have an attorney present, even if you are not sure whether you'll be charged with a crime. You should not make any statements to the police without an attorney present. In my opinion, the police may simply be trying to obtain statements from you, to use against you in charging you accordingly.


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