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Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT)


Generally, but  not necessary always the case (and  I have actually  had a client receive a DAT in serious felony sexual abuse charge with a minor),  most DATS are given to defendants that have allegedly comitted relatively minor, non-violent criminal offenses (i.e. Shoplifting, disorderly conduct, harrassment,  Petit larceny, criminal mischief, minor property damage/vandalism and small possessions of marijuana). The decision to issue a DAT is within the sole discretion of the police and fair or not, this is a fact.

Essentially a DAT  is a summons that avoids an overnight stay at the 120 precient(SI)  w/a bologna sandwich and lets you go  home and return to see the judge on a certain date. Make no mistake, a desk appearance ticket is a criminal arrest, but it is just not a physical arrest and should not be taken lightly.  A PERMANENT CRIMINAL RECORD is at stake....

Failure to appear on the DAT return date will result in a bench warrant be issued for your physical arrest.

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