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1) Whats the difference between a Felony and a Misdemeanor in New York?


            Go to my felony and misdemeanor page to find out.


2) What takes place at the TRIAL of my criminal case?


                              Go to The Trial page for information.


3) what Post Trial motions may be made?


                               Got to post trial motions page.                


4) What happens at the SENTENCING?

                                Go to sentencing page.


5) What right do I have to APPEAL a Conviction?


                                Go to APPEALS page.


6) What are the roles of the Court room staff?


                                 Go to court personnel page.


7) What are the courtroom behavior rules?


                                 Go to courtroom behavior rules page.


8) What happens If I miss a Court appearance? 


                                             Go to warrants page.

9) Can I provide information about another crime to lessen my charges/sentence?

     Go to my providing information page.

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